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Nutriceuticoils markets high quality food additives for which there is scientific evidence that they are beneficial for the health and in prevention of diseases.
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For ageing dogs and dogs with heart or kidney problems

Doils Senior consists of 62% Omega-3 fatty acids, of which 330 mg EPA, 220 mg DHA and 22 mg ETA per ml. The high dose of DHA has been especially chosen because both both DHA and EPÄ have a positive effect on the ageing nervous system. The well-balanced proportion of DHA and EPA also has a positive effect on degeneration and inflammations. Furthermore, DHA prevents degeneration of the brain. The high amount of added Vitamin E provides optimal protection against free radicals, the substances that cause degeneration and inflammation in the body. Daily consumption will help your dog remain agile and active, in order for it to lead a long and healthy life. As Doils Senior has an inflammatory reducing effect, it additionally helps to keep the joints flexible and free from inflammation.