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Nutriceuticoils markets high quality food additives for which there is scientific evidence that they are beneficial for the health and in prevention of diseases.
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For dogs with skin problems and allergies

Doils Skin consists of 62% Omega-3 fatty acids, of which 390 mg EPA, 160 mg DHA and 20 mg ETA per ml. The high amount of EPA has been chosen because EPA is the most influential Omega-3 product to fight symptoms of dry skin, scales and brittle hair. The high amount of added Vitamin E provides optimal protection against skin inflammation. Therefore, Doils Skin is an excellent product for the skin and coat of your dog. Daily consumption will help improve, control or ameliorate your dog’s allergies. Doils Skin can be used together with other allergy medications and may even reduce the required dose of these. Please check with your veterinarian.